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High level of expertise and exceptional empathy

In times of digitalization and very rapid change in all areas of the company, individual support for the personal change process is becoming increasingly important.

Ms Herzog has accompanied me as a manager for many years as a highly effective coach.

On the one hand, Ms. Herzog is characterized by her high level of expertise, in particular her very high level of professional competence, especially through her clear analysis,
her very professional view from very different perspectives,
an incredible variety of the methods she uses, on the other hand, her extraordinary empathy and her high level of empathic competence.
I am very grateful to Ms. Herzog for her extraordinary work.

Sabine S., Managing Director of a medium-sized company

Warmth and depth

Absolutely recommendable! Ms. Herzog dealt with my "tough, inner knots" in the system with a great deal of specialist knowledge and expertise, but also with warmth and depth. And when my resistance became too great ... she conjured up cookies. That calms the nerves and is a great help against frustration and bitchiness :-) And by laughing together and carefully overcoming resistance, realization happens ... Very easily. And then you can hardly believe that you once had such a problem ... it's gone! So if you really want to look behind the scenes of your own sensitivities, you are in the very best of hands with her.

Dasi Grohmann, geomancer, Lindau

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