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Whether it's leadership training, coaching or workshops - you've always come to the right place.
In addition to the classic coaching skills, my methods also include tools that address you on levels other than just the head - head, heart and hand are necessary to master challenges in today's world that we will not be able to tackle with our cognitive abilities alone.


In the exciting but also challenging times we are living in, there are two issues that the new type of leadership can make good use of: It must learn to listen to its intuition again and it should allow itself to think big.

These are not topics that were previously required of managers. Utopians were ridiculed and listening to intuition was frowned upon as being too emotional.

However, if you want to create solutions with your employees in the future that adequately answer the new and unprecedented questions, you need new approaches.

Would you like to work more with your intuition and vision? Then you've come to the right place.

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